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On Call Dental Emergency

Dentistry Emergencies


Our recommendations urge you to call our friendly staff as soon as a problem arises. Our Dublin team is ready to guide you through steps while preparing for your immediate care at our clinic. We can arrange an appointment within a reasonable time period.

Dentist Advice

We offer a comprehensive range of information on dental treatments and emergency services. As this website is considered a wealth of knowledge, please read through our extensive library of dentistry articles, allowing you to learn and gain more insight on how to maintain a healthier smile.

Corporate Services

We extend corporate services for organizations looking to invest in their employees' dental health. Our dentists offer services for our corporate associates, including cleaning, whitening and emergency dental care.
19 Grove Rd, Suite C, Rathmines Dublin 6, D06 PN32
Located across the street is from the Grand Canal
From a lost crown to a toothache that won't quit, dental emergencies can be quite distressing. Our in house emergency team of dentists in Dublin has seen it all and are equipped to bring prompt relief.

Meet Dublin's finest dentists who are not only trained in general dentistry but also specializes in handling dental emergencies.
Quick and compassionate, they are there when you need them the most. Out-of-hours emergency calls can be taken on weekends and during bank holidays.
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Kevin Doyle

I was in severe pain and contacted this service on a bank holiday weekend in rathmines. The dentist was a gentleman who explained everything to me about my damaged tooth and assisted me in a treatment plan.I was really impressed with this consultation and will be returning when and if I need this service again.


Dr Emara was really kind to me after a bad fall. Saw me late on a Saturday evening within an hour of calling. Checked what had happened to the broken tooth & did a root canal the next morning. He fixed the broken tooth perfectly & took his time to explain every step of the procedure to me.


Talked me through the whole process, kept me calm and overall was very very professional, and available even on weekends!
About US

Your Emergency Dentist in Dublin

Our practice is staffed by experienced dentists, ready to treat your emergency dental needs with swift, expert care. Dublin locals know they can trust us to be there for them, no matter the day. We provide urgent, superior care for any dental emergencies you may face. On appointment our commitment is an anxiety-free experience and restored health with each personal dental treatment.

From a lost crown to a toothache that won't quit, dental emergencies can be quite distressing. Our in house emergency team of dentists in Dublin has seen it all and are equipped to bring prompt relief. Meet Dublin's finest dentists who are not only trained in general dentistry but also specializes in handling dental emergencies. Quick and compassionate, they are there when you need them the most. Out-of-hours emergency calls can be taken on weekends and during bank holidays.

Dental Tooth Pain

Navigating the discomforts of dental tooth pain and treatment can pose a significant challenge. With a wide array of potential causes, it can be difficult to know how to alleviate the tooth pain.

This service aims to provide clear, comprehensible insights into the possible causes and treatment for dental tooth pain, touching on fields such as orthodontics and sedation treatments, as well as emergency services. Orthodontics can at times be linked to dental discomfort, especially in treatment that involve adjustment of the dental structure.

Protocols to manage and relieve this pain form an integral part of orthodontics care and are crucial to ensuring patient comfort & treatment.Sedation treatment represent another important facet of managing dental pain, particularly in severe or emergency cases. These treatments allow qualified dental practitioners to carry out necessary procedures with minimal discomfort to the patient.

In instances of severe or persistent tooth pain, immediately making an appointment with a dental professional at our practice is highly recommend.Our emergency services are equipped to identify the cause of pain effectively and prescribe suitable treatment options on appointment with an experienced dentist.

Dental Injury

When faced with a dental injury, immediate action can mean the difference between saving or losing a tooth. At EOCD Dublin, we pledge to provide prompt and effective emergency services for all types of dental injuries by our dentists.

Let's imagine, an accident occurs - you, your child, or someone else trips, falls, and ends up cracking a tooth. What happens next? The actions you take following a dental injury can significantly affect the outcome. Our emergency dentist in Dublin are dedicated to addressing such unforeseen incidents swiftly and efficiently to reduce pain and potential long-term damage.

Children, with their active lifestyles, are often at risk for dental injuries. At EOCD, we take special care in treating our young patients, understanding the sensitivity of a new tooth and what is needed when dealing with pediatric dental emergencies.

Through reading our comprehensive guides on emergency dental injuries, you will learn how to respond in the face of a dental crisis. From knowing when to seek emergency care to understanding the steps professionals take to save an injured tooth, you'll be prepared if such accidents occur.

Dental Emergency: Crown 

A fallen or broken crown can cause severe pain and discomfort with potential damage to the underlying tooth. Our emergency dentistry team in Dublin is proficient in handling such critical situations.

A crown procedure is a common but significant part of dental treatments that aims to restore the aesthetics and functionality of the patient's teeth and reduce pain. We recommend the process begins with an evaluation of your dental health by a professional. The dentist will explain the procedure thoroughly and discuss any potential services charges upfront, ensuring transparency.

Local anesthesia ensures that you won't feel any pain around teeth during this step of the treatment. An impression of your reshaped teeth is then taken to create a custom crown that perfectly fits over the tooth. At EOCD Dublin Dental, your oral health is our utmost priority. You can trust in our commitment to providing expedient and skilled care for all crown emergency dentist procedures.

Dental Emergency

Out of Hours Emergency

Out of Hours Emergency is a dedicated service to cater to your dental emergencies when most in Dublin might be unavailable. Our emergency dentist Dublin will prioritize your dental needs no matter what hour it is. It is not unusual to have a broken tooth or a sudden toothache in the middle of the night. In such situations, all you need to do is call our emergency number to schedule an emergency appointment.

Our primary focus is our patients - offering them immediate relief and highly effective treatments. We, at Dublin Dental, take pride in our practice and the wide range of services that we extend to our patients. Our clinic, equipped with the latest technology and techniques, is ever ready to cater to any severity of dentist emergencies. We highly recommend not to ignore any dentist related issues, however minor as they might seem. Ensuring emergency appointments within our practice is our way of expressing earnest commitment towards the oral health of Dublin.

Emergencies like these make the ready availability of Dublin-based emergency dentist is vital for patients. These staff members are trained to handle emergency dental issues of any nature providing a high level of care and expertise within an appointment. You can call them at any time and place an appointment, getting immediate attention for your teeth. By maintaining a high number of dentist experts and ensuring their availability, Dublin keeps its citizens' dental health in the best possible state.

Whether it’s for treating a severely aching tooth or an emergency teeth whitening session, each professional dentist will make sure your appointment takes priority.Given the range of dental treatment options they offer on appointment, the dentist practices have built a strong reputation for their high-quality service for teeth. This has also made it easier for patients to recommend these clinics to others in need of immediate teeth and dental care. From routine dental check-ups on appointment to urgent treatment, the dedication further showcases their importance. In short, having such expert staff, ready for anything, makes them indispensable, and ensures that whatever dental emergency befalls you, you always have the best of care within reach.

Dentistry Emergencies

  • Toothache
  • Chipped or Fractured Tooth
  • Knocked-Out Tooth (Avulsion)
  • Loose Tooth
  • Lost Filling or Crown
  • Severe Gum or Tooth Abscess
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Injury to Soft Tissues (Lips, Cheeks, Tongue)
  • Jaw Pain or Injury
  • Orthodontic Issues
  • Objects Caught Between Teeth
  • Sudden or Severe Tooth Sensitivity
  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Emergency Dentists

Emergency dentists in Dublin are absolutely crucial for a number of reasons. In a city like Dublin, dental problems or emergencies can arise at the most unexpected times and often outside of regular business hours. This is where the service of an emergency dentist comes in. With the help of an emergency dentist, Dublin residents and visitors can have their needs addressed promptly, regardless of the time. These dental professionals are available for immediate appointments, ensuring rapid treatment to prevent further harm to your teeth.Tooth problems can vary in severity, from a broken tooth to the sudden need for teeth whitening before a big event.

Local Staff in Dublin

Immediately finding an emergency dentist has become all the more complex in the age of infinite online choices. Amidst this flood of information, a striking practice identity and empathetic patient care separates a clinic from the rest, particularly when dealing with teeth. Every detail from clinic location, supportive dentist staff, online reputation to the process of booking an emergency appointment influences a patient's choice. However, we recommend the best dentist during emergencies empathetically serves exceptional care, building a "Practice Personality" that stands apart from the rest. This unique digital footprint inspires trust and ensures patient loyalty with each treatment.

Best  Emergency Dentist 

In emergencies or otherwise, dental patients deserve the best— a dentist who prioritises their needs and blends skilled expertise with genuine compassion. Portraying this compassionate side of dentistry is key to standing out among the multitude of options available on today's vast online dental domain.

Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies:
Abscess Inside the Mouths

Dental abscess, common to dental emergencies in Dublin, are treated in several ways depending on the location and severity of the infection. Treatment options for an abscess can include tooth extraction, root canal treatment, or incision and drainage. Highly trained dentists perform these procedures, prioritizing patient comfort and the use of an anaesthetic to numb the patient's mouth. For extensive operations, a patient will be put under general anaesthetic.

Potential issues with teeth extend beyond abscesses. Mouth trauma also sees patients seeking emergency appointments with dentists. An extremely important step for an infected abscess is the application for an emergency appointment at the dentist that can preserve the patient's smile. Incision and drainage procedures offer a temporary solution in these situations, with further treatment needed to address the root issue.

Despite the need for urgent dental treatment for abscess, antibiotics typically aren't prescribed for dental abscesses unless the infection spreads or is severe. On appointment, our well-trained dentist staff are equipped to manage dental emergencies of varying degrees, from simple abscesses to significant trauma, preserving the smiles of their patients.

Your Teeth: Emergency Dentistry

Teeth, often underappreciated, are essential tools for eating and communicating. In fact, the functionality we call upon our teeth for is reflective of intricate biological craftsmanship. Each of the approximately 32 teeth a human possesses is optimally shaped, whether incisors and canines for tearing or molars for crushing and grinding.

Emergency Dentistry for your teeth and mouth

The use of teeth extends beyond digestion, also playing a pivotal role in phonetics. Our ability to articulate words clearly is greatly impacted by the interactivity of the tongue and teeth. They shape the words we call out daily, underlining the substantial influence of teeth on our speech patterns.

These underrated tools called teeth merit widespread acknowledgment for their integral part in our health and lifestyle. They are vital assets, silently contributing to tasks we undertake daily. Understanding their crucial function allows greater appreciation and attention to their care.